Sunday, October 5, 2008

World Animal Day (:

Today is World Animal Day .
Read the Pets page in the newspaper .
Lots of funny dedication from their owner to them .
but look at our human ! nothing ! :D
We never go to any event ! Oh , how sad !

Lady & Zena have their fur-cut yesterday !

My eyes is always like this !

Look @ the sweet bandanna the groomer gave them !
*jealous !

Open my mouth WIDEEE !

Lady mediating !

Proud of her new look !

I am so bored !

So is Lady ! hehe ,
SAME pose !

Starring Zena !

I wanna chew her bandanna OUT !

BITE Bite biteee ...

Hope you pups have a pawsome weekend !

& Last but not least ...
Happy Birthday to our pal , Butchy !
Isn't he LOVELY :DDD

We love you guys , Butchy & of cause , Snickers !
Do go to their blog & wish Butchy alright !


  1. Lady and Zena, you look beautiful!!! Lady, I hope you are feeling even better today.

    Cody, I believe you are getting more beautiful every day!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy World Animal Day

    You guys look fabulous. Keep taking your medicine Lady, your looking better every day.

    Love Ruby

  3. Hi, friends!
    Happy World Animal Day!
    Lady and Zena celebrated it with a haircut! They look great!
    Cody, be nice and leave alone their bandanas!
    I hope you all had a great weekend too!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Hi Guys!! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.. mommy added you to our list of blogs to follow! :)

    I gotta say I'm quite jealous as I see y'all are up on a chair.. mommy doesn't let me on the furniture yet.. says something about my bladder and my chewing.. What ever the heck that means.. BOL I do get to sleep on her bed so I guess I cannot complain...

    Anyway, have yourselves a puptastic week!


  5. Hey guys,
    we sure missed ya lots :)
    You guys look so vewy adorable in these pictures
    oh and we sure love World Animal day
    Maltese Paws


  6. Heya guys!!! Lady & Zena are looking great but so are you Cody!

    Pee/s: Check out my new post!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  7. Woof Lady, Zena and Cody

    Great photos, you pups sure know how to pose for the camera.

    Desert Pups

  8. i think your mom's present for you for world animal's day is the numerous pretty pictures she took for your bloggie.

    how's lady, btw?

    hope every musketeer is doing well.

    drooly kisses,


  9. Hey Cody,
    An advice from me... Nice bandana or not, going to the groomer is not fun!
    Hope Lady's doing better?

  10. Lady, Zena and Cody!
    Happy World Animal Day!
    You buddies look gorgeous in those pictures! Beautiful haircuts and nice bandanas.
    Lady is looking better every day. :)

    Love and licks

  11. Happy World Animal Day & Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!!! We love your photos.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!


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