Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sissy have gone to camp ):

Sissy have went to her netball camp !
Boohoo , we will sure miss her a lot !!
Went will 30 October be ?
Issit a long way to go ?
Sisy want us to convey a message to all my fur friends !
She love you guys & misses you all !
& sissy ! We miss you too !

Sissy ! We will be waiting for you at the walk in balcony !

When is sissy coming home !
Why isn't the door open at all ?

30 October in the afternoon seems to be a long way !


  1. Awww, I can't believe I have missed out on so many posts! Hope your sissy has a fun time at camp, and I will definitely miss you too! hehe...I wait a lot for my Mom too when she was away. I would go up to her room to check if she's back yet. =P

    Oh, and congrats on your award too! The pressies you got from Addie and Zoe look SOOOO good, especially those cookies! They look good enough for humans too...*wink*


  2. w00f's Pups, the 30th isz not long off,2 sleeps counting tonite..then her b home...heehee while she gone u can play wiff all her toys...

    b safe,

  3. ohh nooo! The time will go so very fast and then sister will be home again!

    We can't wait to hear about all the fun that she has.
    Addie and Zoe

  4. Hi, friends!
    I am sure your Sissy will have lots of fun there!
    Don't worry. She will be back in no time!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Not too long to go. I bet she missed you guys alot too.


  6. a week away? i bet sissy will be SUPER MISSING you all! mom told me when she didn't see me for 4 days, she couldn't help thinking about me everyday. hahaha.

    btw, i've moved my blog to please update your link!

    wet wet licks


  7. waahhh.. huhu.. our heart is breaking looking at you guys missing your sissy. it's a good thing you have each other to keep you company, plus mum and dad are there too.

    October 31, isn't quite a long time.. but, we sure will miss you guys..

    Good luck on the netball camp Sissy. we hope you'll be able to bring home the 'bacon' - both literally and figuratively :D

    missing you lots,

    Aki and Poopie

  8. Hi guys,
    I bet she's missing you three too!! Don't worry, she'll be back soon. :)

  9. You guys all look so sad! Go chew your Nylabone, Cody and it'll make the time pass by more quickly!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. It is ALMOST that day!

    I think some chewing AND napping will pass the time khwite well!!


  11. I think maybe you guys better guard the door in shifts so that you can take breaks for din dins. I looked at the calendar, and October 30th is like three meals away.


  12. aawww
    just look at the three of you together

    so cute

    Maltese Paws

  13. 30th Oct is TODAY! I hope your Sissy is back home with you doggies already

    ~ Girl girl


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