Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Howloween Fur Friends !

Hi guys ! Its my first Halloween !
Hmm .. No one celebrate it at Singapore I guess .
Or should I say not much ?
You can't see any scary costume or stuff .
But still , mummy promise to put on her thinking cap
to dress me up next year :D

I just can't wait for my first Christmas celebration with you guys !
Yipeee ! Hmmm .. When are we going to get
our list for the Holiday Card Exchange ? :D
Hey that piggy sissy had 15 hours of sleep !
Wad a pig ! She can sleep longer if she did not have to go for school !

Happy Halloween all my fur-buddies :D
The Three Musketeers hope you have an enjoyable Howloween !
Trick or Treats !!
No Tricks ! Just the treats will do :D

Happy Halloween fur kids !

Happy Howloween !

Uh-Oh , caught for not sharing the hedgehog ! :D
But in the end ? I still have to give up & SHARE !

No no ! I don't want to give you !

Played a mini tug a war with sissy ,
she won , so she let Zena play with it !

Zena retrieving the hedgehog !

I am about to pounce on Lady ,
thats why you can see sissy holding me back !

Zena !


A puppy with a penny of thoughts in my mind .

Our fur queen ! LADY !

She is definitely staring at me !
I am the only dog that she will stare ! BOOO !!!
Oh , & new member doggy in the family , she will stare at them too !
Fierce huh ?

Playing with Mr.Hedgehog happily !

Lady :D

Ain't she gorgeous ?
Oh my dog ! I mean FIERCE Looking :P

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sissy is BACK :D

Sissy is finally back guys !
Mummy & daddy took some photo of us when she is not around ,
showing her about how we look like when she is not around !
Sissy was very kind enough to NOT come home with empty hand !
She gave home after buying some treats :D
Will update you guys about her netball camp stuff maybe tomorrow alright !
HEY ! sissy , ran to the bathe room & immediately no sound from her !
Guess what ? she slept right after she have a bathe !
Looks like she did not have a good sleep last night :D
Home is still the best :DDD

The treat sissy bought :D

Standing right in front of the door , waiting ...

I even took a short nap while waiting , by closing my eyes :D

Sissy , 3 of us are waiting for your return !

I hate it ! Its so boring !

Let me see , how long have we been here ?
24 hours ? :D

I am so tired ! Look at me yawning !
Its tiring !

Aww ~ It seems like she is not coming home forever ?!

Lady feels the same too !

Lady & I kept waiting till this day !

After saving Zena's dignity !
Zena finally admitted she miss sissy !

Lady became tired after the long hours of waiting too :D


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sissy have gone to camp ):

Sissy have went to her netball camp !
Boohoo , we will sure miss her a lot !!
Went will 30 October be ?
Issit a long way to go ?
Sisy want us to convey a message to all my fur friends !
She love you guys & misses you all !
& sissy ! We miss you too !

Sissy ! We will be waiting for you at the walk in balcony !

When is sissy coming home !
Why isn't the door open at all ?

30 October in the afternoon seems to be a long way !

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pressie from Addie & Zoe & A new Award !

We have received a pressie from Mr Postman today !
Yipeee ! Its from our best buddies !
Guess who are THEY ? Thank you Addie & Zoe ! :D
We love your pressie guys !
We have yummy Cookies , treats & TOYS !
& a very sweet picture of them two with a 'Get well soon , Lady ! '
THANKS A LOT PALS ! We really love them ! :D

Oh ! Sissy is going for her camp tomorrow !
She wanna me to tell you guys that she will miss you guys !
HEY ! she never say she will miss us ! How unfair ?!
haha ! She will be having a 2D1N Camp !

HEY !? A parcel fur us ? :D

With a little of help , it is OPEN !!!
Zena have a sniff of what it is !

Papers ?! Nah , be patient :D

From this two lovely girls & their mummy :D
Look , their signature on it ! COOOL !

Hey this two look familiar !
Where have I seen them before ?
They look like they have shrink !

Hey ! Its Addie & Zoe !!!
Pals , why are you in the box ?!?!?!
Are you two alright ? :D

Cool pressie ! :D

Hey what is this ? A hedgehog ?
Its so furry cute !

Me with all the pressie !

Lady with all the pressie !

Zena with the pressie !

& Last but not least , the three of us with our pressie !
Hey what am I doing to LADY !?!?!

Focus on what are the wonderful pressie we got :D

A yummy treat from them !

Lady having a munch on the cookie !

Zena's turn !

Lady simply love the cookies !!!! :D

Look at those yummy doggy cookie they gave us !!
Are you craving for them ? :D

Hey , a get well soon card !

Lady say : ' It even have my name on it ! '
* she want me to thank you girls !!!! :D

Me & the fun stuffie !

Woo ! I love it !
& as Addie & Zoe say , I have to share !
I will ! I promise :D

Last but not least , an award for us ?!?!?!

Its from our buddy Thor !
Thanks a lot buddy ! We love you !!!

xoxo ,
Three Musketeers :D

We would like to pass this award to 8 lucky doggies (:

1 ) Addie & Zoe
2 ) Ruby the Mini Dachshund
3 ) Ben the Rotti
4 ) Sami & Baylee
5 ) Agathe & Archie
6 ) Aki
7 ) Maggie & Mitch
8 ) Butchy & Snickers