Saturday, April 28, 2012


Guess what I received a day before my barkday? A gift from my BFF, Dino and his beloved family. Super duper lucky of me. Thank you to the lovely aunty Julia :)

 Can I open the package already? :(
 A letter and A STUFFIE fur me :)
There's even a gift for human sissy, how sweet.
 Can you stop taking pictures and let me play?
 YES!!! Until now, I have abandoned all my stuffies fur this one. Hehehehe.. I'm a hogger for NEW stuff :)
THANK YOU D & Family!! Muahhhh~

Monday, April 16, 2012

4th this year!

Whoopie! My human actually remembered to get me a cake even though they are so busy lately, but... Where's my pressie?! BOL. They got me a slice of cheese cake which is yummilicious!! Can't believe I am actually turning 4 this year. 

 A photo shoot with my cake of the year :) 
 "Cody! Look here!!!"
Cody: "Nope, I am not looking unless I can begin eating~"
 "Alright, one shot for you!"
 Can't resist! Can't.... Mmmm~
Enough with the photos please~~~

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Missing you guys...

We are already starting to miss all of you, so we decided to break the 'short break' thing for once, and post something fur you guys. It's definitely something we could not resist whenever we have the free time.And what's more? We remodelled our blog a little. What do you guys think about it? :) We are really bored at home today, but we had our bathe.. It's fun when we splash our human huh?
 Yikes! What's that? 
By the way Cody & I had a mini photo-shoot at home today :) Will show you guys soon! I guess? :) Cody is turning 4 in 2 days time, wonder what my human prepared for him, even in their busy schedule.
Alright, here's some kisses for you guys! Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Short Break..

Dear Pawpals & Finn Honey Bun! We are sad to say that we are going on a short break, I HOPE! Well, that's what my human told us though. Our secretary have been real busy at school, *oh bummer* And MY (Cody) Barkday is coming! Hopefully she will not be too busy to even forget about my Barkday PRESSIE :P

You can still email us at: if you really miss us. Teehee! We'll definitely find time to reply you guys. We'll miss all of you, and please don't forget about us :) Will be thinking about you always Finn ;)