Friday, July 31, 2009

What are brother & sister for ? BOL.

Hey pup pals, ever ponder about something.
We may say we hate our paw siblings,
but deep down inside.. Do we actually really hate them ?

Like today, Zena protected me from getting scolding.
Because Joyce & I almost turn the whole house upside down when we were playing :)

I told her it's ok, but she still continue to protect me :)
Aww~ I love you, Zena.
I am lucky to have you as my sister :P

& I have to show my part as a brother too ! BOL !

Siblings should protect one another right :D

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Splash

We had lots of fun at Club4Paws yesterday.
A pity we did not go today, as Puddles is there !!!!
OH MAN !!!! Sorry Puddles, we will be going there next Sunday :)

Me and my shakey face & Joyce.

Joyce dunking her head in the water.

HEY HEY ! That's cheating !
Don't cover my eyes !!!! JOYCE YOU CHEATER !

Stop snatching mine Joyce ! SHOOOO !

C'mon puppy ! Join us for a swim !

Sniffing out the new puppy.
His name is Storm :)

After so long, I am still sniffing him out ! BOL.
Puppy smell nice ! BOL !!!!!


Me acting very macho infront of him !

Not bad for a puppy being able to fetch in water at this age huh.
He love to swim a lot too !

I snatched MY wubba back from him,
& got lectured by daddy !!!

Storm harrassing his brother.
As his brother sure is a very noisy barker,
Storm tried to ask him to shut up. haha.

Storm look at his human sister.

Storm, SHAKE SHAKE !!!
&& Our faourite football team, Liverpool won Singapore 5-0 !
WOOO ! Way to go Liverpool !

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Augie & Ti have receive our present :)

Augustus & Tiberius have finally received their barkday present from us :)
A very belated one though, sorry boys !

The 2 handsome boys posing with the present :)
Ain't they just so handsome ?!
Joyce : " HELL YES !! "

Augie & Ti :D

The Barkday present that we gave them :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a day ! So many human birthday !!!

Firstly, Happy Birthday to Amanda's sis's bestest friend, Ronald.
Hmmm.. I guess its more then best friend huh ?
OR else, why will she ask us upload this ? BOL! Opps.

Having the same birthday with Ronald, was our dear Mommy !
A women never expose her age, so we will help her ! HAHA !
*all four looking at sis* HER IDEA MOMMY ! NOT US ! :P

Then it is CAKE TIME !!!! MMMMM~
Mocha Walnut cake ! Sounds nice huh ?
But sadly, we didn't have ANY ! HOW COULD THIS BEEEE !?!?!?

Daddy & Mommy,
notice daddy wasn't looking at the camera?
He was asking us to get down of the table! HAHA !

Ok this is such a funny photo,
daddy is trying to me like me ! TONGUES OUT ! HAHA !

Hmmm.. I think daddy have not sense of direction this time ! HAHA

Sis did not take photo as she was helping us to take,
& wearing her PJ, so too bad ! HAHA!

Me & Mommy !
Am I bigger than her ?! HAHA !

Daddy keep saying that my head is bigger than mom's !?
Is it true ?! BOL !

Birthday woman cutting her cake !
Daddy keep fooling around,
keep saying BUTTday instead of birthday ! HA !

Hurry with the cake cutting session !
WHAT !!! NO CAKE FOR US !?!?!?!

That's how a father & son fool around ! HAHA !

I love my daddy alot, and mommy & everyone at home and my paw friends !!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a lazy day !

This is how I laze around,
when I am bored !!!!

Joyce & the lazy meeeeee :)
How is your day today pawpals ? As lazy as mine ?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to "Hawaii"

Hello Pals !!!
It's me, Cody the Hawaiian MOO DOG !
How's your day today, friend ? :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Farley & Sunday Splash !

It's our dear pal Farley's Birthday today.
Haven't wish him a Happy Barkday ?!?!?!
Go now !!! BOL !

WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!

More photos for our Goldie Pal, Farley !!!!!

Joyce looking all PINK !!!! BOL !!

Hope you have a wonderful day barkday Farley :)

We went to our favourite swimming spot today !
Guess where it is ?!?!?!
Club4paws of cause ! BOL !!!!

Bag packed and ready to go !!!
C'mon human !!! FASTER ! You're so SLOWWWWWWWWW !

& when we reach there !!!!
Immediately we head to the pool with our WUBBAS !!!!!

Joyce ! The human brought 2 Wubba this time alright !
Go get the orange one !!!!
LET GO OF MINEEEE ! It's my barkday gift from beautiful Sammie alright.

So did I get it ?
YES ! I actually did catch it ! :)

Saying hello to my new schnauzer & Westie dudes !

Get out of my way JOYCE !!!!

Where is Joyce ?!?! BOL,
who care ? I should shake off the water first, it is irritating my ears !

Mex & Joyce at his back. They look pretty a like huh?
Only the colour difference.

Joyce asking sister for help,
& guess who come to say hi instead ? Sister's TOE ! BOL !

The westie always stay close to his brother. BOL.
Cause I keep playing tag with him.

What are you doing daddy ?
Maybe Mex & I can help you :D

Hey Mex, watch it, not sniff me ! Help daddy. BOL.
Am I blocking your view ?
It is quite easy to differentiate me & Mex huh ? :D

Maybe I should change side,
so that we both can help my dad do whatever he is doing now.

After giving dad a hand, we went SWIMMING AGAINNNNNNN ! :)

Look at the helpless westie, he tried to get onto the land,
but his leg could not, so he keep jumping helplessly.
His daddy was actually assisting his brother to swim.

Oh did I tell you that the westie not only have 1 brother,.
Another is this cute Wire Fox Terrier,
with a mohawk cut ! Isn't he CUTEEEE !

Ehh.. Me trying to drown Joyce ?
haha, nono, I am kinda impatient as she is blocking my way,
so I just swim across her instead of swim the other side ? haha.

Saying Hello to the Mohawker ! HAHA !
HE is such a cool dude !!! BOL.

Ok, I was actually trying to shake of the water,
but this picture looks as if I am having constipation or something ? BOL.

The cool Wire Fox Terrier,
he looks like he is wearing a hat right ? BOL !
Actually the " HAT " is his mohawk !

Joyce : "C'mon sister ! Throw me the boneeeeeeeee !"

Overall, we had a very fun Sunday today,
how about you ?