Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Clean & Clear :)

Passed few days ago, our human found this newly opened shop near our house called, "Pet's Lagoon". Thus, they decided to give it a try for Zena. By the sound of it, it is obviously a grooming saloon, just saying. The layout of the shop is what made our human wanting to try it out. OBVIOUSLY, Zena needed a hair-cut real soon, just look at her.
So messy~
Cute! But still messy~ After grooming she looks AMAZING :)

My human was very satisfied with it, so I guess Zena is not going to share her groomer with us, and neither are we sharing ours with her anymore :P People staying in the West Side of Singapore, do drop by and have a look :) Click here for more information on Pet's Lagoon :)

Monday, October 1, 2012


I'm not feeling good, have this nasty spot on my tail. Have to wear this "awesome" stuff to prevent me from getting a hold of my tail. Human say I have itchy mouth! Human tried to make the "awesome" stuff more comfy for me by adding a cloth, but still, it look silly, and I still hate it. Hopefully I will recover soon...
Get well soon kiss from my beloved human? ;) *score!*