Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sleepy Tuesday

My sister Amber is on labour now,
currently 7 puppies have arrived, 1 could not survive that is puppy no.6 .
" C'mon puppies ! Uncle Cody is waiting to see all his nephews & nieces ! "
Uncle Cody promise presents for you guys !!! :D
Ok, it was a boring day today, all of us were sleeping all day.
& every half and hour, we will check Amber's blog !
BOL ! We are more excited than any dogs !
All of us are like dreaming of our love pups !!! :D

Chloe Chloe Chloe Honey bun bun !!!

Ebi Ebi Ebi beeeee ~

Paco Paco Pacoooooooo ~

I do not have any love pup, so I am not sleeping !

So Lady decided to sleep next to me.
& she fell asleep !

Awww~ Ain't we sweet ? BOL !

Monday, March 30, 2009

Things have straighten up (:

I remember saying that I was confused yesterday.
But things turns out settled today ! Weee~
That another dog I mention was Pipa aka Pipex !
But she have eliminated me in her heart,
as she know I already have a sweety pie .
& PLUS my dear brother, Milo have propose to her !
Good Luck for the answer Milo !!!
So now it's between Milo & Homer to see who gets the girl ! HAHA !

My dear brother Paco have also propose to my irritating sister, JOYCE !
Oh my dogness ! Paco, Joyce is still considering though.
As she want a dog that can love her whole heartedly :D
As she is a selfish girl who hates her boyfriend
to be share with others if you don't mind. HAHA !
Joyce : " TRUE ! BUT I will say YES I DO TO PACO !!!! " BOL !
Joyce ear infection have improve a little :D

OKAY ! Now I have some serious business to do !!!!
That is to get Chloe's forgiveness :P

Ok, with my looks, do you think she will forgive me ?

Sissy, lend me your mobile phone!

Ahh, now, what's Chloe Honey bun number !!!
I love you CHLOE !
You're the # 1 Girl in my heart !
I promise you ! I will never do this again :P

Sunday, March 29, 2009

They difference between me & my human

I always thought my paw is super big,
but sissy's one is much longer !

We went to Club4Paws today .
But you guys may find it a little weird .
How come no pictures ?!

Well, I can explain, my wonderful sister,
brought the camera with the battery fully charged,
but something is missing when she on it. Guess what it is !
The memory card !!!! Blur sissy ! HAHA !
But she did took the effort to take some photo from her mobile phone.
Which is not very nice. But will share it with you guys tomorrow (:

Hmm.. something seems to be bothering me.
I always doesn't have this problem. But somehow ,
my stupid little sister have influence me !
Chloe has always been the number 1 in my heart,
but now, she still is ! That's of course !!!!
But there seems to be someone else too.

Stupid Joyce ! She can fall in love with two Golden Retriever,
but she got me in it too ! Joey from the Boo Bear or Paco !!!!
Please take her with you !!!! BOL !

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Joyce trip to the V.E.T

Joyce have been ban from swimming for 1 MONTH !!!
Hello ! If I were her, I will die for sure !
Joyce have gotten Ear Infection due to swimming.
As the water are trap inside her ear.
So she gotta go back to see Dr Siah again after 2 weeks.
Joyce even say that Dr Siah is vert GOOD !
She is a very gentle, loving & patient vet,
same as Dr Grace Heng (:

Joyce the naughty IMP !
Sorry for the poor quality pictures,
as it was taken from sissy's phone,
not from our camera

Dr.Siah cleaning & massaging her ear.
You can see Joyce enjoying it.

Joyce : " Ah it feels better now ! " (:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Precious Moments Friday

Hey pals, you may realise that this is a new section in our blog.
Obviously, it only occurs on the Fridays !!

This " Precious Moments Friday " is for you guys to see
how all of your friends or should I say our friends grown,
from a puppy till now , a DOG ! :D

I understand some of you guys may be adopted since adulthood,
so it's ok ! Just send us a picture of you when you first step your forever home,
& another photo now.
You can send us via email or mailing us your developed photos ( 4R Size )
as we will put all the precious photo in a photo album,
compiling all of our sweet friend's pictures !
* 2 pictures at most per dog *

For those that send us via email, we will have to develop it too.
So that we will put it in the album !
Our Email is : ladyzena@live.com
For those who are gonna send it to our mailing address ,
peemail us for our address then :D
No deadline for this as it's occur every Friday :D

The fur kids for today !

Guess who is this cute Golden Retriever !
Any idea ?!

He is none other than... PU !
The Portugal Golden Retriever
You can visit his blog at : http://update-pufas.blogspot.com/

Next puppy...
Who is this curly fur doggy ?!
Let's see... her name starts with a letter "S"
& end with a letter "A"

It's our Malaysian Pal,
SABRINA the Poodle !

Let's try another one Golden puppy,
He is a big boy ! Like ME :D
He is also from Portugal !

He is none other than our big boy BYTE !!

Last but not least, this Labrador puppy !
I got a feeling that most of you guys will know this one ! :P

It's none other than ...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

That gorgeous girl in my heart


She is the princess in my heart !!!

& A stuffie toy lover too !
So do hop by to Amber Mae's Blog & wish her a...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Share your puppyhood pictures & adult pictures with us !!!!

After reading Suzuki's blog today.
Mom came out with an idea !!!
We will hope that all our DWB pals will send us,
a photo of you when you were a puppy
& a picture of you when you're in your adult hood !!

We will really appreciate you guys to send us developed photos,
so that we can put in nicely in a photo album !!! :D
* Max 2 pictures per dog *
Email us for our address :D

Take Joyce for an example.
One photo when she is a puppy.

& another photo now :D
I understand some of your human may get you when you're an adult already.
It's ok ! Just a photo when you first step into the house,
& now (:
& we will share with other pals what you have send to us
when we receive your photos through mail (:
& the Sporty Dog Contest is still on & the finalist will be announce soon !!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HA ! Caught Red-Handed !

Hey pals ! I have something interesting to show you ! BOL !
Something about this STALKER JOYCE !

Joyce !!!!

Joyce : " HEY Cody !?!?! What stalker? I did nothing alright ! "

Cody : " Oh really nothing ? What's this then ? "
Joyce : " OH ! Ermm... Just visiting Joey & Kealani's blog ? "
Cody : " That simple ?! You sure ? "
Joyce *blushing* walked away !

Cody : " HOW ABOUT THIS ?!?! "
Joyce : " Ermm... eh... I was just looking through pictures of our pal Paco ! "
Cody : " Wow ! Looking at his photo for such a long time ? "
Joyce : " Ya, you got a problem with it ? "

Cody : " Oh then why are you mumbling their names when you're falling asleep infront of the laptop !??!?! "
Joyce : " SINCE WHEN DID I !!! "
Cody : " When you're sleeping silly !!! "
* oops~ did I just share with you guys something I am not suppose to ?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pals in our Singapore Doggy Magazine

No Handsome Hunks in the ClubPets Magazine like me ! D:
WHY am I not in it !?!?!

The Clubpets Magazine

Who are these lovely beagles ?!?!?
None other than Sugar & Cocoa !

& of cause stupid Joyce & Zena ! BOL !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Golden Sibling Sunday

Hello, it's me, Joyce the imp ? BOL !
We did nothing much today. How sad right?
& tomorrow is MONDAY !?!? Sissy school holiday will be over ):

A picture of me & my brother Cody (:
*whisper* Hey guys, Pipa have a little crush on my brother Cody :D
Is he that hunky ? BOL !
& I am so in love with two sporty dogs in the top 25.

They are just so sporty hunky right ! :P
Ooops ~

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Doggy Events @ Club4Paws

There is an event at Club4Paws today,
partly from the Singapore Therapy Dogs thingy.
Us dogs have fun, as there is so many treats to be won ! BOL !
All four of us went, but Lady & Zena are in the grooming salon !
While Joyce & I were enjoying outside !
Too bad Zena's boy, Ebi did not come, or she will be in heaven ! :D

& Hey guys ! I saw one of my DWB friend ! This time it's TRUE !!!!
GINGER TAN the Jack Russell Terrier & her mom ! (:
But, I doubt they know it's us ! :D

Me & Ginger Tan

Us the swimmer !

Look at these two schnauzers !
They are not Lady & Zena. But they are just so ARGH ! BOL :D

Pathetic Swimmers :P
I don't even wanna look at them.
See me in the water ! haha

In the water again.

shaking off the water

& again ! This time Joyce must be like
" WHAT THE !?!?! "

Joyce playing zoomies

Me with my power run & Joyce [:

JUMPing with JOY !

Skylar , Me & Joyce

Skylar's & Mine fluffy happy tail
By the way , sissy got to know Skylar through a doggy forum :D

Skylar & ME

Treats that we won :D

More yummies :D

& even more !!!!

Cody : " YES sissy ! Give it to me ! "

My orange bandanna from the Club4Paws Door Gift

Chloe Honey, am I handsome ? BOL !
Pipa sweetie, am I bootiful ? :D

Joyce's bandanna is PINK !
Pink is just so her colour !

I knew I should have interrupt her photo shot