Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedding Guest Updates (:

More updates on the guest who turned up on 27 June 2009,
to witness the big day with this lovely couple,
Scooby & Lady ! :)

Diego immediately took his place sitting on a table
(it gave him the best view of celebrities arriving)

Our BFF, Lucie arrived looking furry glammed up, but no sign of little Hailey yet.

Willow wearing a beautiful designer shawl.

Lucy looking stunning in blue.

Tess being a bit daring with a slightly sheer number.

Noah looking proud to be escorting these three beautiful ladies.

Mr Puggle was introducing himself to evfurry pup in that gorgeous accent of his.

Milo and Daisy decided to take a romantic walk to the wedding.

Hector and Lola looking to cute fur words.

Gus & Waldo waiting fur the nup-chew-alls to start.

Monday, June 29, 2009

We have got mail !

Joyce & her dearest Paco.
Don't they look gorgeous ? BOL.

We got mail from our BFF, Addie, Lucie & Hailey !
Mommy asked their mommy, Staci to get us some Nylabones,
as it is quite hard to get it at Singapore.
So we asked Staci for help.
Thanks a lot :)

But, I am so not happy when I didn't see my name on any of the two !

But, luckily then content is partly for me !
Weee~ BOL ! Wishbones & ring bone ! *yum*

Lady & Zena received their birthday present from them too (:

Look at all the wonderful gift they received.

& this hilarious card, CUTE !

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wedding updates & Sunday Splash !

Now girls, WARNING ! Don't drool !!! BOL!

The groomsdogs of the day, Rambo & Checkers ! & Me, the Best Dog !
Hunky & Handsome right? BOL ! :)
The following are some of the guest who came to the wedding.

Alfie & his gorgeous Mason Dixie are the first to arrive.

Brind'Amour looking stylish in his top hat.

Doyle cuts a fine figure in his suit

Lola the Puggle looking super cute.

Morgan & Ludo, has Ludo finally made a decision between Morgan & Miss Kylie? BOL.

Mango looking dapper.

Bailey & Martha... down boys, these girls are happy being Aunties.

Reilly, who could resist that smile?

Vodka, small but extra large personality.

Joyce & I went to Club4Paws today for some madness fun !
After our FUN DAY on Lady's wedding.
We had a fun madness Golden Retriever Sunday at Club4Paws.
There is a lot of Golden Retrievers there :)

Look at this Husky, he hates us a lot.
Have been growling at us, the Goldens.

So, me & Dunchka went to growl at him too,
then his owner pull him away.

I told you, lots and lots of Golden Retrievers.
There are more that are not in the picture.
Imagine, a pool full of Goldens ! WOOO !

Golden MADNESS !

This guy is another big fellow among the rest :)
When he drys up, he look like Byte :)

I am busy running around the pool

& here comes a beagle to join us ! BOL.
It's quite hard for his human to walk through all of us though. haha.

Cody says, put your head into the water like that.

Joyce trying to jump onto me !

& to protect my face, I decided to put my head into the filter.

Can't take it anymore, no oxygen ! BOL !

Oh man, I need some FRESH AIR !

Wooo, I just love this big red ball.
Not all dogs can fetch it, because it is big ! BOL !

The 3 fetchers,
Cody, Joyce & Dunchka.

Pool is all book by all Goldens :)

Ahh, just love this ball !
Look at all my Gold pals behind. BOL !

ME with the red ball, Joyce & Dunchka.

Me & Joyce

Me & Mr unknown, BOL, do not really know his name.

Let's play the game, you follow me, then I follow you. BOL!

Sniff Sniff.
I must tell you, Joyce really look like Dunchka's sister, Tanya.
Only the colour difference & Joyce has a more femine look,
while Tanya have a very sporty look.
But both of them are the same size & age. BOL !

Me & my sister Joyce

Wet models of the day ? BOL !

But Joyce is distracted.

Don't we look good ? :)

Did daddy called?

Last photo of the day :)
Hoped you guys enjoyed it !