Saturday, January 31, 2009

Water is heaven !

We will let the photos do all the talking ,
as we are super tired after a long day at Club4Paws !
Joyce & I went swimming today .
We stayed at Club4Paws from 2pm till 7pm ? BOL !
Super worn out !

ME shaking of the water !

Joyce finally can swim by herself ,
without daddy guiding her .
Do you think she fall in love with swimming ?

my tail slaping her face !

Joyce swimming , but after 15 minutes ,
she is worn out so she sat at a corner .

Kiki the Black Cocker , jumping in the pool !

Golden Retriever , Labrador Retriever , Cocker Spaniel

Kiki plunging into the pool !

Me waiting for someone to play with .


Benson , Kiki , Cody

From back to front :
Benson , Cody , Kiki

From back to front :
Benson & Me Plunging into the pool !
Benson is my second best friend since young in Club4Paws.
& of cause first is Narla ,
but it have been like 2 weeks or so since I last see her .

Kiki jumping into the pool ,
to follow me & Benson infront .

*I don't know the name* , Me & Benson
Plus Kiki , gonna jump into the pool !
That seems to be what she love to do !

Look ! There Kiki goes !

Look at her jump !
Isn't it cool !?

Benson & ME playing Tug-A-War !

Look at Kiki "FLY" into the pool !

Cody & Joyce
There seems to be a little size issues between us !

The Handsome ME !
Am I more good-looking then Amber's hubby , Famous ?
BOL ! Just kidding ,
The result is quite obvious :D

The skinny Joyce

Me & Joyce .
If you observe , Joyce is falling asleep .

Me & Joyce
Sibling Love

Joyce & my back view ,
we are actually looking at the dog that are boarding

Me & Joyce

Me playing with Benson's toy !

A video of me & Benson playing Tug-A-War !
You can hear us growl too :D
Dad gotta pull me away just in case I hurt Benson !

Friday, January 30, 2009

Wordless Friday

Just in case you guys mistaken these two imps ,
the first picture is Joyce ,
while the rest is fatty Cody (:

xoxo ,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

BOL ! The power of L.O.V.E ?

ok , daddy went back to work today ,
leaving mummy at home alone .
As mommy only start work on Friday onwards !
Ok , skip skip ...
Is this reall ythe power of LOVE ? BOL !

Guess what am I looking at ?
It have something to do with CHLOE !

The squeaky ball that Chloe gave me for CHRISTMAS'2008

It have always been my FAVOURITE toy in my whole toy box !

*squeak Squeak*

*wink* Don't be jealous DOGS !
I love Chloe & anything that is related to her :D

Sissy ! I am warning you !
Do not touch this toy of mine !

Videos for the DAY :D

I will do anything when I see this toy ball !
Like , walking backwards !
Oh ya , I have finally master how to walk backwards ! :D

Having fun with the ball !

Standing up right to the right facing the right side !
Sorry that I can't be like Chloe ,
sitting pretty without a support . BOL !
But I tried (:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Musical Dog ?!

Hey guys ! It's me Cody !
Aww~ How saddening ! Sissy went back to school today !
BUT luckily , daddy & mommy was at home .
As it was a public holiday fur them !
Wee~ Had a lot of fun with daddy !
& my girlfriend's mom , that is Melissa Jane !
Have gave me some TIPS for the dog show already (: Thanks !

Presenting the SCARY Musician , CODY !

Adjusting the tune of my Flute-Bone !

& playing with it !
So how was the melody ? BOL !

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We have been tagged !

I have been tagged by Nessa & Parker to do a tagging game .

It goes like this :
Open a document or file folder,
click on the fifth folder and then the fifth photo.
Post the photo and describe it.
Then tag 5 other bloggers.

& Guess what was the photo I saw ?!

This picture was taken on the first day when Joyce came into our family .
Many of us were so curious of the new arrival that we sort of check her out !
Zena was the first dog in the family that walk towards her .
"Examining" her & walked away , aren't they cute ?!
Especially Joyce , last time she look like a cuddling BEAR !

I want to pass this tag to :

1) Addie & Lucie
2) Mason Dixie
3) Paco & Milo
4) Simba & Jasmine
5) Aki & Poopie

* Sorry , I was told to choose FIVE only ,
or else , I will want all of you guys to play too (:

WAKE UP Sissy !
That's what I always do when I realize someone
is laying around the bed for too long !
& that someone is none other than sissy ,
& the advantage for her that I am sleeping in her room ?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese Moo Year !

Today is Chinese New Year !
Happy Chinese MOO Year everyone ! :D
Sissy , mummy & daddy went to grandparents house without us .
Ok , it's forever without us ,
as some of the relatives are actually SCARED OF DOGS !
How can that be ? We are such nice animals !
They went to have yummy food there ,
while we lay around at home !!!!

According to the Chinese Zodiac , It is the Ox Year this year ,
so sissy put that thing on top of my head !

I love sissy !
Sissy love me !
We are one big family !

OK ! This is such a humiliation !
With her hand on top of me ,
& me holding on to the red packet it's way too much ! BOL !
& what's more , she send this to her beloved Ronald this ,
to cheer him up & make him laugh !!!
I hope he laugh , so that my humiliation is worth something !

Me & the Lion Dance Head !

Aww~ Sissy are you done ?!

At least I don't have to hold it *smile*

Happy Moo Year !

HELLO ! I was just laughing away of not holding it ,
& this is what you do to me !?

Red Packet !!!!

I wonder how much is in it ,
so that I can buy lots of toys & treats :D