Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mugging hard!

Hello pals! Sorry we have been sort of missing recently. Our human sis have been busy with studies these few days. Mugging for examinations! Good girl! *here's a treat fur you* As her 'teacher', I must supervise her too right? hehe. Wishing her all the best for her last 2 papers.

Professor Cody reporting...
Hmm.. This look simple!
What'cha looking at? Never seen a hard working dog before?!
I should be Ray-Ban's mascot right? ahaha!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

It's that time of the year once again. Feeling the love right now? Human sis sure did not. lol, kidding. Happy Valentine's Day to all the sweet couples and SINGLES out there too alright ;) Hope that you will have an enjoyable day. Well, sis say everyday is Valentine's Day for her as long as she have us. Teehee :)
 I'm missing my dear Finn... Looking forward for that dance tonight ;)
 Valentine's Day does not mean a guy and a lady right? Time fur some brotherly love. BOL.
Roy in need of some L.O.V.E? haha
Tadang... My gift for Finn on Valentine's Day, and she received it before Valentine's Day :) 
To read about it CLICK HERE.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dino's 6th Barkday Party!

Woooo~ We finally got to see Dino and family! Yay! We had lots of butt sniffing yesterday, especially Roy! He kept sniffing Dino's butt. But he wasn't nice to poor Chow Chow at all. Dino's family are such nice and friendly people :) Got lots of yummy food yesterday, that I think I put on some pounds. Haha. Too bad buddy Homer couldn't come and join the party, because his humans are away. Other wise, the Singapore DWB Golden Boys Family will be complete ;)

Poor Chow Chow that got bullied by many pooches.
Dino's barkday cakey!
Roy & I
Dino's gorgeous family :) 
Dino's cute lil sister, Ashley.
The 3 hunkie goldies :)
All of us have different look huh?
It was really tough to get a proper picture of 3 of us, that's why lots of food luring is involved :P
Me begging my sister fur food, while Dino is still being a good boy.
Chow Chow's lil sister, Amanda also loves me :)
We are like super stars! hehehe.
I'm so tired, you can see from my tongue :P
WATERRRRR~ Roy, how are you going to drink with the leash in your mouth?
Now, that's better :)
Me, being a very naughty boy. No peeing in public MR!
Begging fur food again :P
Roy's recent addiction? Going up and down of the A-Frame! Is this a sign that he wants to learn agility? ;)
Roy boy.. 
LOOK at the crowd outside!? We were the only 2 in the playground, we are like some dog superstar. BOL

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sneak Preview...

Me packing my Valentine Pressie for Dear Finn. Wanna know what else is in it? Wait till that beautiful lady receive the pressie first. heheheh.

Going to see Dino and family tomorrow to celebrate Dino's barkday! The human keep hoping that we will not disgrace them and be good. Hey, says who!? Hopefully we are able to take more photos ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

 It's obvious that I'm not impressed at all about the size of the box...
How am I going to mail myself to Finn?
So, stay tune to what I am going to put in the box :p

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Make a guess :P

Guess what have I been doing? In a few weeks time, it will be that time of the year where
L.O.V.E is in the AIR. Well, not mentioning other days, love is also in the air. HAHA. I pestered my human to buy something for me. Hopefully it will reach HER on time. *paw-cross*

The SECRET MISSION ingredients are in the bag. The shop's name says it ALL. ;)