Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ebi is back ! & New Christmas Card :D

Hey everyone ! My dear Ebi is back ! BOL !
Cody went for his training today along with Joyce .
Joyce went there to bathe only .
She can't do anything else as she have not have her puppy booster .
Cody went for a swim right after his training ,
and he was be thinking : " Swimming pool darling , miss me ?! "
haha !

We receive a Christmas card from King King today afternoon .
Thanks a lot King King !
That's a very nice card :D

Me & Winnie a Pooh :D

ME & teddy bear !

Teddy can be my pillow !

Snooze ...

Me & the two bear :D

Cody & Joyce looking at King King's Card !

Look at Cody girly eye :D

Thanks a lot King King :D

King King's Christmas Card

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Groomers today for the Schnauzers :D

Hey , it's me , Zena !
Lady & I went to the groomers today !
We did not have our full groom ,
but instead , we had our basic groom !

Poor Cody & Joyce have to stay at home to rot .
as Lady & I are very happy to be away from them for a few hours ,
& relax !! :D
Hey , my dear mother-in-law is coming back soon , I HOPE !
That means ?! Ebi will be back to visit me too :D
Yipee ~

Cody is going for his obedient course & swim tomorrow ,
& baby Joyce is tagging along to have her bathe only ,
she can't swim , as she have not finish her puppy jab !
Too bad Joyce , maybe some other time ok sweetheart !
She is gonna have her puppy jab on 1 December ,
that means ? A trip to the VET ! Uh-oh !
Will she fall a sleep on the table again ? BOL !

The Three Pawsome Ladies at home :D

Joyce wanna run away ,
as Cody am not there to nail her down ! BOL !

Have Lady turn older in her looks ?
I think so .

The three girl power !

Me & Lady

Tongues out :P

Does this picture look great with us looking sideways ?

We always do the same expression ,
I mean most of the time :D

Lasy & me behind

Our Queen at home ,
but I got a feeling that her place is gonna be taken by one of the Goldens .
As the Goldens are not scared of her a single bit ,
unlike the other puppy ,
they will run away if she growls .

Her leg sure look WHITE !

That's me ! Eh , like duh ! :D


Lady smiling too :D

Waiting for dear Ebi...

Still no news ..?

Continued waiting & waiting ...

& soon , I fall a sleep !

Friday, November 28, 2008

High-Tech Dogs & an E-Card

Okay , nothing much happen today .
We were busy snatching the laptop with sissy today !
Lady & Zena did not bother to at all !
Well , Ebi Ebi Ebi ! Where are you ?
BOL ! Our crazy mummy have thought of a crazy idea !
This is her plan , when Joyce turn ONE ,
she will held a contest call : " Be my Prince Charming ! "

Ok , basically she is helping that naughty imp to find a boyfriend !
Criteria ? You must be a Retriever .
Yeap , we are saying any Retriever ,
cause just Golden Retriever alone don't sound fair right ?
any Retriever interested already ? BOL !
Ok , we still have 9 months to go for this contest ! :D
Crazy idea ? haha .
That way , Lady will be the only one alone . Aww ~

Busy browsing through the website !

Hey is the webcam functioning ?

Ta dang ! Our blog :D

Now is the little imp turn !

Busy looking at the guestbook :D

Looking at the videos sissy did :D

That pup is definitely too engross with the videos !

We receive this E-card from Cayman today !
Thanks a lot Cayman !

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Height difference ? Brother & Sister Love & 2 E-Cards

Joyce seems to be growing a little ,
but still no match for me as I am older & bigger !
nothing much happen today !
All of us are busy sleeping in fact !
We received 2 E-cards today !
1 from Rusty & the other one from Luke & Liesel.

That's me !
Seriously , have I grown ?

A 3 month old Golden Retriever ,
standing beside a 7 month old ? WOW !

Really a big difference in height right ?

Me with my eye winked ,
& Joyce looking at somewhere else .

Cody & Joyce

My eyes are close is it ?

Tongues out :P

That's how brother & sister sleep together !


Are you wondering what we are dreaming ? :D

An E-Card from Rusty !
Thanks a lot Rusty :DDD

Luke's & Liesel's E-card can be view at :

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zena is LOVE sick now !

Hello everyone ! I am here to blog !
It's me ! JOYCEEEE !
Sorry to inform you guys that there is no video today :P
Ever since Zena's mother-in-law went overseas ,
that is Ebi's mummy , Zena is not herself !
She seems moody or such ?
She must be missing Ebi alot !

Okok ! Cody say I look like Holly in one of the photo .
What's the word he use on me ? hmm .. ?
Oh Regal ?

Say Cheese !

Stick your tongues OUT :P

This is the picture he say I look regal !
Do I ?

That's Holly !
Hey ! She did a better job alright Cody ! :D

Mummy say I am a good poser !

Seriously , am I ?

I am a little sleepy now ...

Look at the poor Zena .
Laying around all day long !
She must be dreaming of her prince charming !

Tongues out !
Zena : " No I am not Joyce "

This picture look alittle dark huh ?

oh EBI , our Zena misses you :P
Oh no ! Zena is gonna kill me if she sees this :P