Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't they listen?

Hello pawpals! Roy here :D
Sometimes I really think that our big brother should give in to us!
Don't you think so? But he claims I am bullying him!
What do you think? hahaha

Monday, November 1, 2010

It have been such a long time!

Long time since we last communicate with all of you!!!
Yeap! Roy is way bigger than me now! *sad case*
& We are still single for all the single ladies out there!!! HAHAHA!

How's your howloween? Still no news about Lady yet.
As the result from the lab is not out yet.
We will keep you guys posted!!! :)
Any new friends out there? :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back Back Back

We are back for good this time!!! Trust us!
We really miss all of you guys! Miss all your adventures!
Did any of you forget who are we? haha.
Miss my hunky face right, girls!? :)

We have no howllowean costume this year! 
But we promise to have it next year! As it have been a very busy year for us!!!
As some of you know, Lady have bladder stone, 
and her operation was a success! But she still have to be hospitalized,
to wait for the results from the lab to find out what the lump on her leg is.
*paw cross*


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our baby boy have grown !!!

Our baby brother, Roy is turning 1 year old soon !
Wow~ Time sure flies !

1 month old plus Roy, still at Argentina :)

Awww~ That face !!!!

Are you guess all prepare for his makeover ?
Or should I say see how much he have grown ? haha :D

11 month old plus Roy :)

His drooly face @ 11 month plus :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We're BACK !

Hey pawpals ! We miss you so so so so so much !
Do you guys miss us?! Our human have been so busy this whole month !
Her new school was flooded with projects and assignments.
HORRIBLE ! She promise to try to keep this blog alive.
Hopefully !!!  As for Cody's birthday present post, we will find time to do so!
But if we forgot, Thank you for all those who send that spoil brat birthday pressie :)
Thank you, Addie,Hailey & Lucie, Maggie and Mitch, Piappies World & Huskee & Hershey !!!
Hopefully we did not miss out any?! If we did, sorry !!

Maya, hopefully you receive our email sweetie ! :)
HAPPY BELATED 8th Birthday to Zena & Happy Belated 10th Birthday to Lady.
Can't believe these 2 have been in our life for so long,
it is like a year ago, they are still puppies :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Cody's Boxing Day on his Barkday ?!?!
Guess who are the sender ? :D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Barkday Celebration

Hey Pals ! Sorry for the recent M.I.A.
Our secretary, that is our human sister, have started school.
New school, new environment, and she is having a hard time to adapt.
That's why she have been busy with her school work these few weeks.
So sorry about it, we sure miss reading all your blogs.
Don't forget about us alright !!!!! We really miss you guys!
Roy is doing fine already. His hot spot and infections are healing.
But we sure hope our second family, Paco is doing well too.

How have you guys been ? Will really want to be pup-dated
about what is happening at everyone of you guys side.
And now fur my birthday celebrations photos
and my birthday special beach outing !!!!
This is suppose to be updated LONG agooo ! You know.. My human.. BOL.
Twix & Piappies World !!! Please send us a peemail about the GABE giveaway !!!! :)

ME & My beloved sister.

Me & Mommy

My best friend & I :)

My annoying brother and I !
Can you believe I am only like 34kg, this dude is 39.4kg !
And the vet claims that he is not fat at all.
And she claims that I cannot put on any more weight !!! *faint*

Cake cutting timeeeee !

Birthday boy munching the delicious cake !

Puppy boy first time eating a birthday cake.
But not his very own one :P

2 annoying sister !

YEAHHH ! It's time to head off to the beach !!!

Roy have to be in the crate,
as he always get car sick when he goes on a long distance trip. BOL !

Yeap, your eye isn't playing a trick.
Roy is already bigger than me :D

2 of us finally settling down :D

Yeahhhh ! Swim swim swim !
Love to swim in the sea rather than the pool !

More swimming !

A latest member in our pack !!! A Border Collie !
BOL ! Just kidding! She love to join us because she is very very interested in Cody's frisbee ! BOL.

Ok, this time, dad really thrown the frisbee quite farrrr.

Roy Boy

Human sister. What is she thinking ?
I am not some newfie of saint bernard who can rescue drown person !

Dad playing with the border collie.

BOL. Roy v.s Dad !
Dad and sis hate to v.s with me, because they say I tend to cheat !!!

Roy &....

ME ! The Belated Birthday Boy !!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Look who's here on my birthday ?!?!!?

Will update on my birthday on the next post ;)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Exciting News...

47 bloggers..
3 winners...
Who can it be ?

** We have increase the winner to 3, instead of 2.
To be fair, we decided not to do the separate of cats and dogs.
As we have only 2 kitties participants. So we merge all together.
Hope you guys don't mind. So all have fair chances of winning.
We decided to push the draw and results earlier,
as our human may not be free tomorrow :(

** Winners, Piappies World, Twix & M&M
please peemail us at : ladyzena@live.com
Send us a very clear picture of the which lucky paw you want a self portrait of.
High resolutions picture needed ;)
If we are rich enough, we will choose all of you pups !
But, hahahaha. 

** For those interested, you can visit HERE!!!!
Aunty Suzi is a very friendly lady, all our self-portraits were done by her.
Including, Amber-Mae, Chloe, Faith & Boo. Maybe more of our blog friends too ;)
We think that her prices were pretty reasonable.
So you guys can get your self-portraits from her !!!!! 
She will be happy to do it fur you guys ;)
Feel free to peemail her at : suzi@suzichua.com
To see more of her work, CLICK HERE :)

Roy is feeling better too ! Isn't it a good news?!?!
Currently, he don't have to wear that damm collar anymore ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Are you ready to PARTEH ?!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Send us some love...

Hey guys, my little brother, Roy isn't feeling well these days.
He have a lump & rash on his front leg, and hasn't have any appetite to eat.
He keep licking the wound, that's why, the human wore an e-collar for him.
Let's keep our paw cross for my brother.
I am sure he will get well soon !

Poor baby brother of mine with that damm collar.

His wound

& Please send some love to my 2nd family from Italy!
Paco isn't feeling good either.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Singapore Pups, Becareful.

A Pawto of the 2 handsome hunks at home first,
before the big news.

Please be warned that there's a Cobra attack at
West Coast Dog Run on 22 Mar 2010. It attacked 7 dogs and unfortunately, the owner who told us the news, their dog is one of the victim, whose dog was bitten on the eye lid. Please spread the words to all dogs owners who uses WCDR. 
The Cobra wasn't caught. And this is NOT the 1st
incident already. There could be more... than 1 Cobra!! NPark is resolving
tis issue now. Please spread the news to our fellow Singaporeans.

Because of this, our human are having second thoughts of going there.
That means, so long as the cobra is still there,
Cody & Roy will not visit there ! 

Monday, April 5, 2010

I turn 9 month old yesterday !

Hi pawpals ! I, Roy turned 9 months old yesterday ;)

I was this when I am 4 month old.

& now, this, 9 month old ;)

Have I change a lot ? BOL.
Smiley face.

Serious Face !

Another Serious face :D
I am not that serious in real life though :X

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