Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I have a VERY goofy lil brother :P

Monday, January 23, 2012


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It's Chinese New Year today, so our human have been busy visiting people today. Especially Grams' place. They said when they were there, they kept thinking of us. Because that place is dogless. To our human, no dogs is equal to no life. Awww~ And they say it was kinda boring. 

As fur us? We stayed at home sleeping of course, and for my two little BIG brothers, they are you know, boys... They play so much. HAHA.

As fur me, you can see I am relaxing :)
What'cha looking at?
Me and my serious look.
Boys, be good!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Saturday, January 14, 2012


We heard from our human about being all clean and tidy for Chinese New Year? Come on, it's still a pretty long way right? Can't we just enjoy being dirty for a little longer? Why do our human want us to be so clean? Is not like we are entering a beauty pageant right? haha. I heard something about me (Zena) going to the groomer for a basic groom. Oh man~

 Please tell my human that I don't need any grooming?
 Basically I am on our Parrot play stand :P
 I still look good without those shaver and scissors right? :)
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's been a while...

Hey lovelies! It's me, Roy! I haven't blog for a while already, and finally THAT blog hogger gave Zena and me the chance to finally touch it. How have you guys been? Hope all is well! Cody have been BUSY lately, so... Busy Cody = Happy Zena & I ;) *because we get to blog!

Human sister have been tied up in school so much lately! I am starting to hate school! It snatch away our time with sister. I hate school! Teehee. You guys know Cody have a strong bond with my human sister right? He have been lying around near the door, when sister have not reported back to him on the time she is suppose to. Pulling the sulky face all the way till she is back. Well, on the other hand, human daddy means more to me :] But I still need my daily sister dose! I am her one and only honey bear :)

Can someone tell school to return our sister back to us? She have been so tied up with projects, quiz, reports, and soon... Examinations!

Ever wonder why my sis call me honey bear? BOL. I do look like one huh? :]
 Am I cute?? :)
I'm sexy and I know it! haha, just kidding, it's from a song, just in case you guys think I am crazy :P

You will be seeing more of Zena and me now, right until Cody is done with his secret "MISSION". haha. Have a great week alright lovelies!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunbathing Sunday

Hey pawpals! I am finally back to blog. Cody can be such a blog hogger you know? It's me, ZENA! Did you guys miss me? I sure miss all of you in the blogland! Our human sister have been wanting a kitty nowadays, but momster just keep saying no. Too bad sis! She mentioned something about getting one when she have her own house next time. haha.

Human sister currently have someone she really admire. Guess who? It's one of our blog pal's human :) It's Honey the Great Dane's human, Hsin-Yi! She really admire the fact that Hsin-Yi is so good at handling animals, and all the facts she have almost ALL knowledge of what responsible pet owners should know. She really wish to be like Hsin-Yi one day :) 

As for today's title? Look who is enjoying the sun on a Sunday morning?

ME! ZENAAAAAA! Long time no see right pals? :) You guys have to let Cody know that he should stop hogging! :P
I do not like to be too tan on the face, therefore I am only tanning my body :)
How did you spend you weekends pals? I really miss you all! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ideas ideas ideas..

You guys know that I am currently attach right? Sorry girls, but that is just the fact. Teehee. So.. I thought of doing something for that very special girl of mine :) For the one and only Finn :) Any tips my dear pals?
First we will need a pen and paper, well, for me? Sticky note and Marker ;)
My devoted look. HA!
Putting on my "THINKING" cap brain ;)
I have thought of a few ideas, but I think I am the best gift for her still right? :) How can I fit into a parcel? hehe.
Thinking of my little pretty girl ;)
My dreamy face :P

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Farley...

Our dear friend, Sweet Farley have left us all of the sudden. He was the sweetest and greatest golden friends we have ever have. We were so shocked when we came across the news of his passing. If you have no idea who Farley is, CLICK HERE. Farley was one of the reason we came back to blogland. 

Farley, run free in the Rainbow Bridge, along with our Angel Lady. We will always miss you and place you right in our hearts. Rest in Peace buddy...
The Sweetest Face Farley...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Wishing all of you a Happy 2012, stay healthy, wealthy and HAPPY as always :)

So how did 2011 treat us? Let's tell you a brief story.
 Zena? 2011, I lose my sister, Lady who is now at the rainbow bridge. Cancer took her away, we have lived together for 9 years, and can't believe this is how we parted. She taught me lots of thing when I was a puppy. More like a mom. So now, I am left to take care of the 2 furball brothers of ours. Well, but honestly, I still prefer to sleep MORE on 2012 :)
 Cody? For me, I am very happy I have found that very special girl. Ahhhh! 2011, was a blast for me, to actually return back to the blogland, I am just so happy, if I did not come back to blogland, I wouldn't have found dear Finn :) Well, I have learn new tricks? My bond with my human sister was stronger than ever. What else? I guess that's it? Wishing more good things to happen on 2012 :)
Roy? I am blast to find my forever family here. Imagine, I came from South America. And I found them, I guess it's all faith. For 2011, I am happy fur my dad, who is the 1st Golden who get Best in Show in Singapore Show. Hoping to be like him! Peace out! :)