Sunday, May 31, 2009


Went to Club4Paws today !!!!
But why no piture of us at Club4Paws !?
It's simply ! Someone simply forgotten all about the CAMERAAAAAAAA !
BOL ! I don't wish to say who,
or else that person reputation will be DOOM ! BOL !

I am all worn out after the long day at Club4Paws !
Goofy was a good bolster :D

Eh.. this picture is not what you guys think it is ! :D

Hmm.. this picture?
More on the close view of my new collar or what ? BOL !

Cain was so so so jealous that se decided to squeeze in betwwen us :D

The 3 of us :D

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sometimes a dog need more than one...

Our Hamish McBeth Collars have arrived !!
All thanks to Serene ( Ebi's owner ) :D

I, Cody have 5 collars, while Joyce have 2 ! haha ! How fair :P

1. Hamish McBeth Bones Red Collar

2. Hamish McBeth Coco White Collar

Hamish McBeth Paws Brown Collar

Hamish McBeth Paws Black Collar

Hamish McBeth Tommy White Collar

Hamish McBeth Tommy White Collar

Look at my current
Hamish McBeth Collars Collar !
Aren't they just so good looking ! :D

Closer view of my
Hamish McBeth Collars :D

Joyce with her
Hamish McBeth Daisy Red Collar

& her
Hamish McBeth Paws Pink Collar

Joyce : " What do you think of my new collars Paco ? BOL ! "

Joyce : " Now which one should I wear now ... Hmmm.. "

Look at our Myriad of
Hamish McBeth Collars !!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Want something new ?

Want some trendy collar ? Do support our friends !!! :D
Through Mason Dixie, we got to know that
Tibby's mom is selling some beautiful collars :D
Do support her by purchasing those beautiful collar from here.
CLICK HERE to view the collars :D
We are gonna get some from Tibby's mom soon :D

Ain't this collar just beautiful ?!
There are many more designs :D

Secondly, sister's forum friend just opened a collar blogshop.
It's all handmade. & as a collar collector,
sister purchased some from her :D

CLICK HERE to view the know more :D

Sorry that there isn't any Precious Moments Friday for the past 2 weeks.
PRmse to resume it Next Week :D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Finally my turn to blog after I have come back !

I miss you guys so much !
Especially my dear PACOOOOOOOOO baby !

So do you guys miss me ? BOL !

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's PUMA !

Who is this cool looking dog ?!

A little peek at his nose :D

Expose a little more...

A little bit of his eyes...

It's me CODY !!!!

Do I look COOL in my PUMA cap ?!

*winks* Thanks for the cap daddy :D


So do you guys love my new cap ?
BOL !!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Full Grooming Day !

Hi there, Zena here !!! We have our full grooming yesterday.
& look great now !!!! HAHA !!!

Our trip back home from the groomers.

So how do I look, Ebi ? BOL !

Lady & Me
Do we look great ? haha !

Lady : " Scooby do I look great ?! haha ! "

This is how close we are :D

We two again :D


Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a busy weekend !!!! Big NEWS !!!!

Lady & I were discussing about....
Scooby & her WEDDING !!!

Scooby & Lady's Wedding !
you're invited to join celebrate their union !
Saturday 26th June 2009

RSVP by sending your photo to
If you will be bringing a partner, please email their photograph too.

Please include your blog address also.

Dress will be semi-formal fur a casual wedding.

Lady : " I am such a lucky girl ! "
Oh ya I will like to ask Chloe along if only her mom MJ allow.
& of cause Joyce have been bugging us to invite her dearest Paco.
& not forgetting Zena's EBI !!!

Ok, Club4Paws fo me today without Joyce,
as human havent pick her up yet ):
So I am at Club4Paws alone but lucky I met lots of fun there !

I had a lot of fun with my new friend Ben the Golden
& his sister, erm.. I forget what's her name though.
She is a very beautiful Siberian Husky !
NO JOKE ! As she is a showdog too.

There's Ben & our little Jack Russell pal !
Ben resemble KONA !! As their both BIG boys !

The Jack Russell prefer something call short cut when it comes to FETCH !

Ben diving into the pool !
Don't he look like Kona, Aunty Sue ? BOL !!!

There is his bootiful sister :D

Ben, Me & Ben's sister

Ben's sister again !
Sister say she look a little like Maya from the show Eight Below !
BOL ! That is quite true !

Ben's sister TONGUES OUT !

Ben & Me snatching the wubba !

Ok now, 3 dogs 1 toy !
That shows how bad the economy is ! BOL !

Ben & ME

Me trying to jump over Ben's sister,
but failed ! :D


Playing TUG with DADDY !


Ben shaking the water off his body

My turn ! haha !


Me on the playground (:

Worn out face !!! BOL !

What ?! did someone call me ?!?!

Am I just handsome or what ?! BOL !

Down the ramp I go

Walking up the playground thing again


Man this is so so so fun ! I think ?

Huh ? Daddy you called me did you ?

Shaking off the remaining water off my body !

haha I look like a zombie with this leaf in my mouth !

Oooops ! Did I drop it ?

Sissy ! Don't fool around ! Just give me the leaf!!!

Ok this time its really gone !!!

Never mind, I will enjoy the bootiful scenery then :D

Oh man ! Not the darn leaf again !

My face looks kinda CHEEKY in this one !
That's what my sis say ! Do I ?!?!

Showing my disgusting grin :D

haha ! the funny grin again (:

Now, the normal me :D

After looking at this photo !
Daddy say I am a big boy now !

Oh my I can't believe my eye !!!
Who is this girl !?!?!?

I gave her lots of smoochiesssss !!!

Yipeeeee ~ Joyce is back !
But she can't find my toys now ! BOL !!!
What a day today right ? BOL !

Sorry that yor present will arrive late !
I promise it will be something good ! BOL !