Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sorry that we have been missing in action, but you got to bear with us, as our secretary, is very busy at school. She hardly have enough time for us, let alone our blog. We really miss all of you especially Finn, who have been on a LONGGG break too.

Alright, what's with the time this time? Remember my handsome face? ;)

But I am currently undergoing some kind of humiliation..... :(
Due to a boo boo I have on my tail, I have to wear it :(

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Looking fur me?
We have no idea what we should name the title for this post, therefore we decided to just put this. It's a boring Saturday for us, we had our BATHE~ Spoiler alert! It have been raining pretty much over at our side. Well another SPOILER ALERT! First eliminating our NATURAL ODOUR, and then refraining us from heading outdoors?! What has this world became? BOL.

Hope you guess have a great weekend :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Feeling the L.O.V.E

Whoops, we have been so busy, or should I say my human sister have been very busy with school recently. Just when you think examinations are over means holidays?! She only had a pathetic 4 days holiday before starting of her final year in polytechnic. So she have been so busy at school recently, starting school early in the morning, and come home during dinner time. We barely have play time together, only before sleeping and weekends. Poor sister~

Anyone could give my sister advise on what she should further study on in terms of business? haha. As she NEEDS to earn big bucks to buy us TREATS! She could not make up her mind on what she really like, so any advise on which is more recognise? There are just too many choices for business alone... Advise please~~~

Every time when there's bad news, there's also the GOOD right? Guess who came knocking on our door last week or so? A POSTMAN with a BOX! Filled with L.O.V.E!

 Make a guess who the sender is? :)
 Hmm.. A very familiar scent! It's from Finn!!
 Immediately,  I picked out my favourite among the loot :P
 Quack Quack...
 I miss you Finnnnnnnn~ Hey Mr Ducky, you are not cooperating, stop smiling...
 Missing Finn~
 Thinking of Finn...
 Don't you even think about it HUMAN! :P
 My sexy thick lips!
 My L.O.V.E Letter! Only for me to see :P
& Yummies! Thank you Finn baby! I love it ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Over!!!

Are you wondering why am I so relax?
hehe, it's because.....
Being her tutor is indeed a tiring job... 
Time to relax for Professor Cody :)