Saturday, November 19, 2011

At least someone had the heart :p

Guess who's back from Australia last week?! Momster!!! We were so disappointed with her as she did not bought anything for us at all! Argh, but our dear sissy and daddy did bought something for us as compensation. At least they have the heart right? Momster are monsters :P hehe.

Yes! We have received this year Holiday Card Exchange list! Who else is in it? :)

Toys!! Guess which one is for which :)
I want the red one! 
Oh well, I guess purple is fine too.
Yes! Red, my favourite!!!
It taste delicious too! Strawberry!
Don't you even think of trying to get near to my bone.
I'm warning you, back off~
Bone is mine, so back off! :P

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guess what?!

Guess what!? Our horrible mom-ster haven't been home for a day or 2 already. It seems like someone went for a holiday on Friday. Mom went to Perth to visit her Grandma who isn't doing well. Sadly, she passed away when mom is flying on her way there. We didn't get to see our great grand ma before. But I'm sure she'll look out for us wherever she may be right now. Rest in Peace Great Grandma. Heard from sissy that mom-ster will only be back by Friday. Argh, she better get us something from Perth, or else her shoes will be at risk. hehehe

What is this red thing about? I didn't know until now!
Sniff Sniff.. Hmm.. Smells fishy..
Mom-ster, what's that?
You can see I'm a little worried about standing next to that thing...
Mom-ster and Cody Moment :)
Come back soon! But nevermind, so long as my sissy is still with me, I am still a happy boy :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Comfy Doggie Pile

Best time to spend at home when your human is busy @ work/school? Sleeping of course! But what make my sleep so much more fun is when my big brother, Cody became my pillow! hehehe. May I know who makes the best 'pillow' at your home? :)

Let me tell you a secret *I love my big brother*
He still didn't know it. Hehehe.
Ahh~ he is so comfy!!!!
Argh! Hate it when I have to share Cody with Zena...
Well, so long as she don't disturb me when I'm sleeping...
*falling asleep*

How do you spend your time during a boring weekday?