Saturday, December 31, 2011

R.I.P Mr Tiger...

Remember Mr.Tiger? My Christmas present from my human just a few days ago? Well, apparently, I was unhappy of the way he look, so I thought of doing a mini surgery for him. With a 50% chance of survival, he could not make it last night. haha! Which means? New toys human! :P

 Oh? What's this? A squeaker! From who? The owner is at the background.
 Poor Mr Tiger.
He is ear-less :O
 Guilty me! haha, it's actually a new trick I learn :) 
I'm sorry Mr Tiger...
At the same time, I am putting on my thinking cap on what to get fur my girlfriend, FINN :)
I'm ONE lucky dawg fur sure ;)

Friday, December 30, 2011


As many of you may know, us guys will sure have a THING for the ladies. Teehee, my favourites are those who are gold, or those who are black and white. And I have a personal liking to those with long fur! I know we have a lot of girlfriends, and I love my BFF, Addie a lot! But someone else caught my eye, hopefully she will agree? :) But first, I gotta get prepare right?

Dry shampooed myself today, as I will have a wet bathe on Saturday :) 
Blow dry time!

 We need to brush those manly fur straight right :)
Oh man, having the jelly feet now. 
 Do you think she will say 'Yes' sister? I'm worried...
 A treat a minute keep the jelly feet away *slurp*
Argh! More treats please~ I'm still having the butterfly tummy.
Sis: "MAN UP Codes!"
 Alright, do I look good? ;)
 Ok here we go.. I got the looks, that's fur sure. So why do I make a good boyfriend? 

 I'm smart! :) I can be cute, cuddly, funny or cool whenever you want :)
I will help you get rid of unwanted stuffies. & I am a very good sibling-sitter.

 So, what do you say... FINN?
Will you be my girlfriend? ;)

PS: My lil'bro is still available too. haha
AND WOOOOOO HOOOOOO~ She said YES!!!! :D YES YES YES! Super duper happy now! :]

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of update. We have been pretty busy, or should I say, our human have been very busy lately. Mr Christmas tree have returned to his box and along with all his pals, the ornaments. We have a fresh coat of paint on the walls of our house now. Air-con have gone through servicing, and we are all prepared for the arrival of 2012. Aren't you? :) We are gonna have bathe time on the last day of 2011.

Now, presenting you guys of our presents from our humans. Roy and Zena are seriously no good at present opening. So therefore, they needed S.O.S from our humans. They actually thought the the gift with wrapper is a toy. BOL.

 Roy running around with his presents.
 Stand back, go get your own presents.
 With the help from papa. The toy is popping out :)
 Uh.. Someone tell this puppy to pull it out instead of just sniffing?
 My turn!!!!
 I'm so independent :P I'm good at unwrapping gift :)
 See! Guess, what's that?
 A Stuffie!!!!
 Got his head! 

 It's a KONG Braid! :) Mr Tiger!
Yeap, that's my way of playing :)

 Tiger: "HELP!!!"
 Now for the legs...
 & Not forgetting the bodehhhhhhh! :P
 Zena and her new wish bone. She's more of a bone junky.
Nom nom nom...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Yay! Presents!

Look what we have in our Christmas Tree when we woke up from our sleep this morning? Our presents are finally here! Place IN the tree, and yes, they are literally on the tree like some kind of decorations, while our humans' present are on the ground! But yay, we are in Santa Paws Good Dog list! :)
 Lookie! Our presents :) All 3 of us have gotten our very own present :)
 YES? You were saying?
What? We can't open it right now? :(
Can't we open our present now instead of opening it on Boxing day or Christmas? :)
Who could say NO to my please look? Apparently, my humans just did! Boo! 
But oh well, wishing all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Few more days...

Few more days to Christmas of course, well, we still did not see any present under the tree which belongs to us? But there are some for our humans already? Ok, what is happening?! Well, but at least the number of holiday cards we have received is overwhelming the number our human received, so at least that's the plus point :) How have yours been? Can't wait for Christmas huh? :)
Apparently, Zena couldn't wait too. She have been always around the tree almost 24/7.
Waiting for Santa Paws? :)
Well, apparently, many people couldn't believe she is already 9 years old? She looks old to the 2 of us. Why do people still named her puppy? :P

Hope you guys have a Merry Merry Christmas!!!! :D

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Presenting to you... C-Dawg! Ain't I cool?
Sis bought that cap from Taiwan Zoo by the way :]

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We miss you, FIELD!

It have been raining almost, well I can say EVERYDAY lately, therefore we have not visited our favourite hot spot, Mr.Field for quite a while already. I am starting to miss it. My human will never bring us to muddy fields. Can't they take it as our Christmas wish and bring us there? There's way too little dog friendly place in our country, so places we can go are very restricted :( That made our humans feel bad fur us. 

Here are some shots from our last visit to the fields. Hope you guys like it! So is it rain or shine over at your side pals?
 Roy doing his show dog stuff.
 Goofy Roy in action!
 He is always a very good boy outside.
Bringing the toy ball whenever dad throws it!

Do you notice there is rarely any picture of me (Cody) in the field in Facebook too? It is because our humans still do not believe in off leashing me in an open area without fence. As I will tend to zoom off and do whatever I like. Hey! That's a dog with character right? BOL. And yes, I am definitely up to something, something nice I guess? Teehee.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Blues?

Are you guys having the Monday blues today? We know we sure did. We hate Monday, as it means that our human will start working till Friday and only have time for us at night! Don't you hate the feeling? Why can't weekends be longer than weekdays? BOL.

It seems like Cody is preparing for something, which all of us didn't know... hmm.. do you guys have any ideas? 
Well, what we did today? Close our eyes and relax all the way. 
But something missing... Our humans!!!! :(
Yay, as usual, we have more holiday cards than our humans! Don't we dogs/cats rock?!!
Hope you guys will have a great weekday ahead! Love you guys! :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

So, what do you guys think about it? Hohoho!
Happy Holidays in advance :D