Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Howloween Pals !

We will be back soon, I hope !!!
Guess what ? Daddy said he have an early Christmas Present for us.
But sis say, more like a nightmare ? Any idea what can it be ?
Help us think of what is that mysterious present pal !

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not Wordless At All Wednesday

Hey pal ! How are you guess doing ?!?!?!
I, or should I say, we sure miss you all a lot !
My vet visit recently was GREAT !
I got a lot of praise from the veterinarian !
She said I am such a handsome & bulky (macho) boy !
& I have grown a lot ! As the last time she saw me was when I am 6 months old.
I am now 35kg, not overweight, but just nice.

My dearest honey bun, Chloe & Amber-Mae's son, River,
is going for a Ipoh Dog Show soon, wish her & him luck alright !!!
I am still practicing on my free stack for 2010 show.
Weeee ! Daddy order a treadmill for me too !
To build up those hind leg muscles so honey bun will be so in lub with me ! HAHA
That means ?!?! I will be suffering too ? BOL !
Running make me lay flat on the floor !

So how do I look Chloeeeeeeeeeee Honey !!!!?!?!

My human say I do not look like the cheeky Cody,
but a serious one in this one.
Hmm... This is what I call MANLY ! Right girls ?! BOL !

Head slightly tilted to the left.
still practicing on this properly under hand signal command :D

So how handsome am I ? HAHA :D

& even though sissy is having her major exams,
I am still allowed to swim once a week ! YES !
No matter how busy they are,they will always find time to bring me for my SWIM !
Some pictures of my swim swim recently,
& due to the jab, I am ban for swimming for 5 days to a week !!!! Argh !!!

I saw something weird heading the stairway to the pool..

Yikes !!! It is.... Daddy ! LOL !



& OFF I GO TO THE GROOMERS ! Hate it !!!!
So how's your week guys ?!?!?!?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's finally here !


2009 Card Exchange

Friday, October 9, 2009

Embarrassing Photo Friday

Argh !!!!!
Oh man I am going to the Vets for my yearly booster later !