Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Lots if smooches for my dearest Ebi B !
I did not get to meet him last Sunday,
to repay him for waiting fur me,
sister say Ebi can stay over at our house if his owner is going overseas !

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

My human must be thankful to have me in the house.
WAHAHA, I am not praising myself :P
Today we get to put some of our Christmas Card from our paw pals on the wall !

Here I am, holding Mango and Dexter's card :)

Pasting them on the glass door.

And Lorenza's

Ok, some are really too high for me,
so I let my servant do their job ! haha ! Kidding,
I mean sister, but I help out too, by passing her the cards.

Me enjoying all my, oh I mean our card ! :)
Guess what ? Our human have none yet ! BOL !

Our DWB Card exchange, we receive quite a handful of E-cards too,
will show it to you guys soon :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Us four :)

Ahh~ Our sister :D

Friday, December 11, 2009

The dog who never share !

Harlow Pawfwen !
I'm Mister Roy barking here.
I'm here to shair wif you a very shellfish dawg !
That ish my brother.
So evidence of how he treat me.
Cody : " What !? Anyway, sorry for the puppy poor English. "

Look at his mint face !
Cody : " Hey pup ! Is mint mean ! Hey wait a minute ! I am not mean ! "

He never let me haf his toy !

Ish this how a big brother should treat the litter one ?
Cody : "He meant LITTLE ! Sorry for that pup
language ! "

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brotherly LOVE

It has been 2 weeks since Roy step into this house.
At first Cody wasn't happy to see Roy at all.
He was growling at him all the way, and poor Roy was scared.
Let's see, 2 weeks later ?
They are stick closely like 2 gums.
Whereever Cody is, you will see Roy there.
Roy is now toilet trained and he is behaving very well.
Hmm... isn't too early to say ? Will his true colour come out ? haha.

Roy got his first swim 2 days ago,
and he just went into the pool like as if he did it before.
But I heard that he have not try swimming before. haha,
it's fun to see how he swim. Totally cute but clumsy !
Will post the pictures tomorrow :D

Precious Roy Boy & Cody Boy


That's how brother should treat one another right ? BOL.


They just love to sleep next to each other !

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Card Giveaway !

Hey pawpals !
For those who did not make it for the DWB Holiday Card Exchange,
& want a card too, we will give it to you.
Peemail us at :
so that you can give us your address :)


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Santa Paws...

Dear Santa Paws...
Please grant our wish list :D

Lady's list :
  1. More treats
  2. Have an apple everyday
  3. Get rid of the E-Collar on my head !
Zena's list :
  1. Get more sleep everyday
  2. Cody & Roy to stop playing the game "BITE ZENA"
  3. Have more fancy Collars & Dog id tag
  4. Have more food everyday
  5. Meet Ebi B soon !
Cody's list :
  1. More KONG toy
  2. More Nylabone
  3. Learn more tricks (force to write that down)
  4. More collars & tags
  5. More outings !!!
Roy's list :
  1. My bery own bumbler bawll ( Translation : very own bumble ball )
  2. More toy bawlls !
  3. More ferniture to chew on ! ( He means furniture )
  4. More mum mum.. ( food )
Sorry for the pups puppy language ! HAHA

Some Christmas Photo Shot..
( Human complain : 4 dogs taking photo at a time is really a PAIN )

Cody & our house "BIG" Christmas tree !

Roy & Cody

& Finally a group shot :)

There's more group shot.
But we will not show all :P
& now it is time to make our CHRISTMAS CARDS !!! :D

Monday, November 30, 2009

2nd Golden Retriever Specialty Show

Hey guys, it's Cody here !!!
I am here to post on Roy's behalf,
as the puppy still do not know how to type.
BOL ! Okay as you know Roy went to his first Dog Show,
I mean Baby Puppy Show and he came in third.
His friend Duchess came in second !!!
HIs daddy, Alex got Best in Show ! Alex is really a big boy !
Macho !!!

Here is Roy heading to his first show

Look at his daddy ! Isn't he handsome ?!
He was the main attraction there !
Lots of people love him !

Look at his gentleman look. Cool huh ?
But he is much bigger than me, like duhhh !

Roy and his goofy looks !
He is kinda clumsy at the show, I heard. BOL !

And beside him was his daddy :D

Roy & his handler Nic

Getting examine by the judge

Both Roy and Nic sashaying in the ring :)

Roy and Duchess

And this are our Best Baby Puppy in Specialty Show :)

& now is Roy's Daddy turn ! ALEX !

Just look at him free stack !
Look at his tail !

Alex doing free stack...

& Tadang he got Best in Specialty Show !!!

Roy's first trophy

Best Baby Puppy in Specialty Show

Roy and his trophy
And he say, next time he wanna be like his daddddy !!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Presenting to you, Roy :)

Please put your hand/paw together and welcome, Roy !
He is from Argentina & he will be living with us from today onwards.
His daddy, Alex is here in Singapore too :)
Roy's name is Sirius Gold Here Comes the Sun.
He will be having a Golden Specialty Show this weekend,
along with his dad too. So wish us luck !

Here is our goofy boy, Roy :)

Roy is 4 months plus young,
hitting 5 months soon !
& he is now, 22kg ! What the dog !

You can see he is kinda big already for his age !

That cheeky boy stealing my ball !
His favourite toy is ball, he do not like bones,
I wonder why ? Nylabones are like the best thing ever !

Oh this puppy !
We will let him post once he master his puppy english ! HAHA!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

How's everything going guys ?

Hey guys, a video for you guys to enjoy.
How have you guys been recently ?
Have you all prepared your Christmas Cards ?
I know, I have NOT ! ARGHHHHHHHH !

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's finally here !

Our dear friends Snickers have left us on the 22 November.
She is such a sweet girl, having a good brother, Butchy
& feline siblings.
Snickers, we will miss you !

The book we ordered have finally arrive !
The book name is : "Why Dogs Are Better than Cats"

Initially, we bought it because our friend
Honey is featured in it.
But now, our human really love the book a lot !

Heres a picture of
Honey & her friends :D
How cool ! How I wish I was in it !

A picture of
Honey and her boyfriend Ombre !

More photos of
Honey !
haha, we really reccomend you guys to get one of this book,
it's really a nice book :D