Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of update. We have been pretty busy, or should I say, our human have been very busy lately. Mr Christmas tree have returned to his box and along with all his pals, the ornaments. We have a fresh coat of paint on the walls of our house now. Air-con have gone through servicing, and we are all prepared for the arrival of 2012. Aren't you? :) We are gonna have bathe time on the last day of 2011.

Now, presenting you guys of our presents from our humans. Roy and Zena are seriously no good at present opening. So therefore, they needed S.O.S from our humans. They actually thought the the gift with wrapper is a toy. BOL.

 Roy running around with his presents.
 Stand back, go get your own presents.
 With the help from papa. The toy is popping out :)
 Uh.. Someone tell this puppy to pull it out instead of just sniffing?
 My turn!!!!
 I'm so independent :P I'm good at unwrapping gift :)
 See! Guess, what's that?
 A Stuffie!!!!
 Got his head! 

 It's a KONG Braid! :) Mr Tiger!
Yeap, that's my way of playing :)

 Tiger: "HELP!!!"
 Now for the legs...
 & Not forgetting the bodehhhhhhh! :P
 Zena and her new wish bone. She's more of a bone junky.
Nom nom nom...


  1. That poor tiger - he really got it!!

  2. Great presents guys - you do look as if you had fun with that tiger! And Zena - we have a wishbone like that - we all love chewing too :) We may have to bath before New Year as there's talk of a New Year photo - oh no! Love from Magic xx

  3. Wow - we aren't prepared for 2012 at all. We better get moving!

    Love the tiger pictures!


  4. Fangtastic Pressies!! I love how you Worked that Tiger over from Head to Toe. Perfect Pressies.

  5. You and Zena got great toys for Christmas! Happy New Year, guys!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Oh those look like fun toys!!! Enjoy!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack


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